Julie curtsinger



Ryan Flannery

B.S., CFL-1

Starting CrossFit in 2014, Ryan has been with CF Engineered since April ‘19. After earning a degree in Kinesiology, he got his CFL-1 in 2018. He’s studying for his CSCS, but in the meantime enjoys shooting his 5.56 and looking at carbines he can’t afford.


michelle fleck

B.S., CFL-1

Michelle graduated in 2013 with a bachelors in health and physical education. She’s been at CF Engineered since ‘17 and earned her CFL-1 in Jan ‘19. She enjoys kayaking & any sport that involves a ball. Ask about her two loves Arya & Nalah!


Matt Stiles

B.S., CFL-1

Matt is a Frankfort native and has been at CF Engineered since 2013. He graduated from EKU in 2011 with a bachelors in Sports Admin & Business, and obtained his CFL-1 in ‘15. Outside of the gym, he enjoys traveling, hanging out with his dog Dele, and watching football, basketball and soccer.